Call for papers workshop ‘Understanding Electoral Politics and State-Society Relations in the Gulf, Middle East and North Africa’

The Gulf Studies Center at the College of Arts and Sciences, Qatar University; the SEPAD Project at Lancaster University; and the OPEMAM Observatory in Madrid, are pleased to launch a joint call for papers for the workshop:


Understanding Electoral Politics and State-Society Relations in the Gulf, Middle East and North Africa

The workshop is aimed at conducting two rounds of meetings. The first workshop will be held online, to discuss all the accepted papers on 5 June 2023. The second one, to be held in person in Qatar University on 15 October 2023, to thoroughly discuss the selected papers (maximum 8) with the objective of publishing them at an special issue in a Scopus/WoS indexed journal.

Academics, experts, and graduate students are invited to submit their abstracts (between 400 to 500 words), together with a CV to present their research projects on the following themes by 30 April 2023 to this email
-(De and Re) Democratization and Authoritarianism
-Prospects and limits of electoral politics
-Gender and representation in the electoral arena
-Political activism and Social Movements
-Electoral legislation and regulations
-Elections, electoral processes and politics in divided societies
-Rise of nationalism and its impact on elections
-Political coalitions and collective action
-Tribalism and elections
-Islamism, Political Islam and Elections
-Sectarian Political Dynamics and prospects for De-sectarianization
-Media, (Dis)Information and Elections
-The impact of natural disasters and pandemics on electoral dynamics.
-Identity Politics and elections
-Human Rights and Elections
-The role of Electoral Assistance and Observation, and Democracy Promotion
-Ethnic representation in the electoral arena