The MENASA International Program Summer School in Morocco. Registration for Summer 2024 is Open 

The MENASA International Program Summer School 2024 is a 4-week intensive program
offering a variety of study tracks of either or both language and content courses. In its
fifth edition, the July 2024 summer school offers courses in:
• Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) (from beginning to advanced levels), 
• Moroccan Colloquial Arabic (darija)
• MENA and Sahel area studies.
Students attending this program can earn up to 16 ECTS, equivalent to 6 American credits.
The credits earned are transferrable.

The MENASA summer school consists of two program components:
1. Summer Arabic Program (SAP)
The Summer Arabic program aims to significantly increase students’ learning and fluency
in MSA and enhance their ability to communicate with confidence. Classes in darija are
offered to help students with everyday interactions with locals on and off campus sites.
Students will have opportunities to put their language skills to use through community
service, workshops, sports activities and class presentations
The Summer Arabic program includes 45 contact hours (8 ECTS/ 3 American credits) of
MSA and 24 contact hours of darija (4 ECTS/ 1.5 American credits).
2. MENA Area Studies
The MENASA Area Studies Program aims to introduce international students to the
region through the study of the culture, history, society, and politics. Students make
their course selection from the following, earning up to 8 ECTS/ 3 American Credits:
• Contemporary Moroccan Society, Culture & Politics (4 ECTS),
• Morocco: A Gateway to Africa and the Middle East (4 ECTS),
• Challenges & Prospects of the New Geo-Politics of the Afro-Mediterranean Region
(4 ECTS).

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